Pushing the boundaries of Art and Engineering

Dusk Motion's sleek designs encompass an electronic chipset; engineered to deliver a surge of seemingly infinite control that will awaken your senses. This sensation is heightened the very second the sun goes down. This is smart home living– reinvented.


Truly smart. Not just connected.

Equipped with trailblazing Artificial Intelligence technology, Dusk lamp is more than a connected device. It has the ability to predict, with unprecedented results, users' daily habits to unleash true home automation.


Just plug it in — and it works

Initial configuration is simple: Innovation and convenience come as a standard with futuristic, intuitive technology. Simply plug in and configure in 3 effortless steps using the Dusk Motion iOS app for use as a singular, traditional lamp and transparently as a revolutionary smart lamp.


Explore the Dusk Motion iOS app

Unleash the lamp’s intelligence with the Dusk Motion iOS app as the lamp intuitively learns daily habits - redefining lighting. Add family members of all ages to train Dusk One to respond to all lighting usage in the home.


Hands-free voice controlled

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, create distinct voice controlled scenes to alter the lighting with unlimited, unmistakable phrases. Speak a phrase such as “goodnight” and the lamp responds to the command by dimming or turning off the lights throughout the entire home. 


WiFi connected

Instantly harness the power of state-of-the-art technology with no time-consuming configuration or manual assembly required. Simply plug the lamp in and operate it instantly with the touch sensitive controls or effortlessly connect it to any Wi-Fi network for maximum control and access to smart features.