Brilliant. Futuristic. Bright like no others.


Elevate a home’s ambiance to all new heights with Dusk One. Premium materials, sourced from Europe, including fabric, marble and steel pair flawlessly with revolutionary light pattern technology. The end result is a polished design that introduces a fresh sense of sophistication and practicality.


Tailored to all lifestyles


Dusk One is a stylish lamp that looks amazing and adapts to all lifestyles. Powered by proprietary built-in and invisible Artificial Intelligence, Dusk One instinctively powers off at the first sign of daybreak and powers on as the sun begins to set.


Turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise

Dusk One instinctively powers on as the sun begins to set and powers off at the first sign of daybreak.


Switches on at night when arriving home

As family members arrive home, Dusk Motion technology greets each individual by automatically powering on. When leaving home during night time, it powers down.


Reproduce light habits when away from home

Dusk Motion lamps intuitively learn each users daily lighting habits and protects unoccupied homes.


Towards the future


 Dusk Motion’s revolutionary objects of illumination act as a bridge between the past and the future of lighting possibilities. With an unparalleled finesse, we aim to surpass current standards and develop an entirely new caliber of lighting that will withstand the test of time. 


Respond to your touch and your voice.

Enhanced with perceptive Wi-Fi technology, Dusk Motion is designed to complement existing smart home technologies including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and IFTTT. Dim the lights with a touch of the hand using the touch sensitive switch or opt for a hands-free voice controlled operation to simplify life.


One of a kind


Dusk One is an intrepid statement, with a form to match. From the delicately crafted linen lamp shade to the robust stainless steel frame and seamless marble base made in the USA, a vision of dynamism and progress emerges. The joining of premium materials with geometric angular proportions and a sweeping baseline generates an unwavering sense of fluidity and sensuality.


Designed in New York, USA

Manufactured in the USA

Engraved serial number