Driven by visionary design and artificial intelligence

Founded in 2016, Dusk Motion began with a vision to surpass trends and develop an everlasting, futuristic taste of tomorrow. We design high-end objects with embedded artificial intelligence in New York City and craft them in the United States.

We believe in focusing on ease of use while setting invisible technologic boundaries between today and tomorrow. We build our business sustainably through the harmony of the design concept, in which function follows design. We are an objects of light crafting company, with invisible smart technology and intelligence.

What moves us forward?

A vision of the future moves us forward. The philosophy of elegant makership is at the heart of our inspiration as well as the technological progress that improves the world. With emotion, a vital component, we are not only inspired by the future– we are building it.


One obsession: constant innovation
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - LEONARDO DA VINCI

Environmentally friendly

Dusk Motion’s ultimate purpose is to aid in the world’s transition to clean electric energy.

Dusk Motion products use standard, replaceable LED light bulbs, unlike current LED lamps that share the trend of featuring irreplaceable light sources. A fixed light source requires the entire lamp to be replaced instead of a single bulb.

Our approach reduces the cost of unnecessary waste to get more light with less dependence on polluting energy.